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Sacred Self

Welcome to Sacred Self, a place where holistic wellness meets personal empowerment. I'm Crystal Willingham, the heart and soul behind this endeavor, and I want to share with you the deeply personal journey that brought me here.

My Unconventional Path: My journey to Sacred Self has been anything but conventional. It's a story of transformation, resilience, and a profound connection to the products and principles that define this space.

Crystal in Fay Canyon, Sedona


From Architecture and Engineering to Empowerment: I began my career in the Architecture and Engineering industry, working diligently in a world that often felt rigid and detached from my true passions. It was during this time that I started questioning the conventional path to success and happiness.

A Leap into the Hair and Wig Industry: My quest for authenticity led me to a bold move – I ventured into the hair and wig industry. This transition allowed me to explore the intersection of self-expression and self-confidence. I witnessed the transformative power of self-care and self-love firsthand.

Diving into Digital Media and Internet Marketing: Eager to share my experiences and empower others, I then embraced digital media and Internet marketing. These tools became my voice to spread the message of holistic well-being, self-empowerment, and compassionate living.

You have your own answers.
-Sacred Self

The Holistic Wellness Practitioner: My journey took another turn when I delved into holistic wellness practices. I became a holistic wellness practitioner, incorporating energy healing and Human Design expertise into my offerings. This holistic approach became the cornerstone of Sacred Self.

My Personal Growth Story: Throughout these transitions, I faced personal and professional challenges that tested my resilience. These trials became the driving force behind my commitment to empowerment. My story is one of triumph over adversity, and I believe it resonates with many other people, inspiring them to overcome their obstacles.

The Heart of Sacred Self: At the core of Sacred Self is my compassionate leadership style. I've nurtured a supportive environment that fosters growth, both within my team and among our beneficiaries. I'm not just the CEO; I'm an authentic advocate and mentor dedicated to your holistic well-being.

Conclusion: Sacred Self is not just a business; it's a reflection of my journey and my deep connection to the principles of self-empowerment, compassion, and holistic transformation. I invite you to explore our products, knowing that each one carries the essence of this journey, and I hope they inspire and empower you as they have for me.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Together, we'll continue to embrace the power of self-discovery and transformation.

With gratitude,

Crystal Willingham

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