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Cosmic Design Experiment 2020

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Cosmic Design Experiment 2020

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Feb 01, 2020, 1:00 PM
Live online

About The Event

 Who's ready for a deeper dive into your own energy...?


2020 is the year for Clarity. It's the year for crystal clear vision and for finally letting go of the comfortable yet stagnant inner energies so we can move into the expansion of our Soul Level Intentions for our incarnation into this life.  

Join me on a journey through your own story, your own energy, as experienced thru the lens of Human Design, the Gene Keys and other tools for transformation.  

Together, we'll explore with weekly group calls, in a simple, easy and uncomplicated process of self-awareness and mastery of the transformational tools in the Healer's Toolkit.  

It's time, it's time, it's time! The shift is happening and self-awareness is critical to the ease with which we ride the waves of change!  

Implementation of transformational concepts, daily use of the tools and becoming aligned within my own energy is the path I'm choosing.  

Let's do it together and see what happens!  

This will be a deeply transformational process of moving through all 64 Gates of the Human Design bodygraph one by one. As we examine the energy of each gate with the assistance of the wisdom of the I ching, the Gene Keys, and planetary cosmic energies, we'll discuss how this energy impacts us in practical and esoteric ways. We will begin to have awareness of how the endarkened and enlightened frequencies of these energies show up day to day. And we will experiment with our individual and unique strategy for living in alignment with this energy.  

This program will run over the course of 64 weeks or more depending on how we all respond to the impact of this Soul Level work. We'll be on the journey of Soul Level self-discovery for roughly 18 months.  

Going on this journey live with a group might be a one-time thing. It is my intention to record each weekly module for a self-study version of this journey, however, I believe the synergy created by those who embark on this journey together this time will enhance the experience many times over.  

Over the course of the next 10 days, it is my intention to share as much of the basics of Human Design freely, inside the Healer's Toolkit group, because a basic grasp of your unique Cosmic Blueprint and your strategy and authority is key to the experiment.  

On January 20th, Richard Rudd is launching a Gene Keys program that I am going to participate in as well. Anyone else who wants to do it is welcomed to join me.  

Then, on February 1, 2020, we'll officially dive into the Cosmic Design Experiment.  

This experience will not be for everyone. I believe this information was given to the planet for those of us who intended to help transform the world, to usher in the light of self-love, self-healing, self-awareness, self-mastery.  

Along this journey, we'll be challenged to create new habits, including meditation, mindfulness, and self-care in body, mind, and spirit.  

Work will be put in as we begin or deepen our process of de-conditioning, healing core wounds and changing our frequencies as we let go of the old and make room for something new.  

Times of rest and relaxation, deep restorative sleep, movement, and proper nutrition will be part of the process as well.  

The main thing is that we will each uniquely and individually move through this process with our own aha moments, synchronicities and new awareness of what's true for us alone.  

I don't know what the specific outcome will be for you. What I do know, what I have seen for myself and for others that I know who have embarked on a similar path, is that knowing who you really are, and just being that, is the most powerful thing to be. Period.  

Just. Be.  

That is what we'll be learning to do with the knowledge and awareness of how much we impact one another, how truly unique, and wonderfully made we are, and how much compassion, acceptance and appreciation we can extend to one another and ourselves, for not knowing this.  

At the end of this journey, I will be a new version of myself. You will be too. For that reason, there will be no going backward and it is not my intention to repeat this process. As previously mentioned, the weekly sessions will be recorded for self-study and going at your own pace. 

So the benefit of joining me now is the possibility of expansion found in the live group. Even though we will be doing this via online meetings and recordings, the discussion and sharing of each other's experiences, charts and stories will be life-changing.  

So. If you are ready to take a deeper look at yourself, your Soul Level Intentions for being you, and devote this time to exploring and becoming who you really are... THIS. Is. For. You.  

Before I place any value on this, for my time, my gifts and the intel that is ready to be shared, I have to enter into this correctly for my energy, to be sure my generator motor will be able to sustain this journey for the allotted time.  

What that means is I have to be sure that all of this is in response. I've woken up at midnight to write all of this down. My spirit feels full and light with the creative energy of this idea. But I have to share it with you and ASK if this is something that you feel is for you. Is it a yes or a no for you?  

See, it's a yes for me. And I am going to go on this journey myself even if no one else joins me...Because I feel the power in it for myself and for this next phase of my life as a 6th line being. (You'll learn what I mean by that if you join me...if you don't already know.) 

What I want to do is make it a no-brainer for you to say yes to this one. Because as I've said before, once this train leaves the station it won't be coming back. 

So if you feel called to do this with me, comment, PM me, or click on the link to RSVP.  I'll share the details of the value I feel and the investment for us both. (Which is hard for me with my open heart center but also my design to bring resources and value to the tribe)  

If this is a hells yes for you... I'll talk to you soon!  

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