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Nov 13, 2018, 1:00 PM – Nov 17, 2018, 1:45 PM

About The Event

Know what??? Contrary to popular belief...I don't think you need to learn how to be more productive, how to work harder, how to have more money, how to make your business work better, how to create an online business, how to make courses, how to market or sell yourself, or how to DO anything.

What I believe we all need to practice, and what I am here to show you ...is ways to be more authentically you, to dive deeply into yourself and heal your inner wounds, to uncover your truths, to align yourself to these truths, I am here to show you how to let go and allow, how to be in the moment and how to live from the moment, how to be mindful and how to see beyond the illusions of life, how to become love and accept yourself just as you are, while you allow yourself to become your best self.

And what this awareness of your being WILL DO is allow you to become more productive if necessary, inspire you to work harder if you want, bring you to align with all the money and experiences you desire, make you more attractive to those who need what you are selling, give you insight to how online business works, give you fuel and content for your courses and what you are here to teach and bring you the lifestyle you prefer to live.

That is who I AM.

I have been practicing this way of being for the last ten years, and I'm holding a mirror for you. There is more to ABUNDANCE than accumulating wealth or possessions. This is what it is to be Well.thy

Today, I'm here to share 3 simple ideas...

1. It's time to put away the books and courses and implement what you already know. My goal is to inspire and encourage daily practice of universal success principles because habit change simply takes practice.

2. Training is more fun and more powerful when we do it together. My goal is to create a community around the concepts of wellness, healthy living and wealth because Becoming WELL.thy is a team sport.

3. Self-awareness and self-mastery are the neverending results of all this "hacking". Being your authentic self and aligning to your own truth is true freedom. My goal is to hold a mirror for others to see their own greatness, uniqueness, and infinite potential because this is the path to Infinite Love and a life filled with Preferred Experiences!

Are you ready for a deeper dive into YOU version 2.0?

Join me on a 5-day Challenge to begin your process of implementing what you ALREADY know so you can achieve everything you truly desire in mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances!

Let's Get Well.thy!

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