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Your Cosmic Blueprint - Human Design Basics 20/20

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Your Cosmic Blueprint - Human Design Basics 20/20

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Apr 06, 2020, 2:30 PM PDT – Apr 08, 2020, 3:30 PM PDT
The Healer's Toolkit Facebook Group

About The Event

Learn the Basics of Human Design over 3 days. Join me inside The Healer's Toolkit. 

What is your Cosmic Blueprint? Your Cosmic Blueprint is your unique energetic signature, described graphically with the use of the Human Design bodygraph and the Gene Keys Profile. In combination, these tools reveal the design of your inner being, the potential of your awareness of self, the frequencies of your conscious and unconscious life force, and strategies for living your life masterfully, authentically, and vibrantly. 

Why access your Cosmic Blueprint?  The benefit of this is gaining access to intel that answers the questions...Who am I? What am I here for? And how can I live my best life?  

A basic understanding of your  Cosmic Blueprint can begin to move you in the direction of life-changing shifts in your perspective. It can immediately provide you with new ways of being in your relationships, work-life and inner thought processes. It can awaken a sense of deep compassion for yourself and others, and make room for more self-love and self-care which expands to those around you and permits them to do the same.  

A deeper dive into your Cosmic Blueprint and the information found in both Human Design and the Gene Keys, through self-study, experimentation, and contemplation can lead to a whole new paradigm where you deconstruct the lessons of your life, finding the gifts inside the shadows, blow away the things that have held you back or kept you stuck, like separating grains from the chaff, and in time, gain access to the innate superpowers your energy was designed to express into the world.  

This is a time of explosive change for humankind and our planet. If you can feel this, then perhaps you can also feel the importance of implementing your tools for self-mastery, deepening your connection to Compassion and Infinite Love and discovering oneness and non-duality through the awareness that you came here to be a unique, specific individual expression of all that is. We all did and we all are that. Just like a brain cell, skin cell, and blood cell are all different, and yet together they make it possible for a body to function, so are we individual types of people who are ultimately one "body" of consciousness designed to work in concert for some unknown greater good... that's my theory anyway. If that resonates with you, join me on a journey to explore your Cosmic Blueprint!   

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