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Thanks for connecting with me on Everclear for a Human Design reading. I hope you got some answers but I know you also have more questions. A personal contemplation and study of Human Design, even just the basics, can make a huge difference in your life for the better.

How to get started

1. Download your free Human Design Chart at

2. Read the PDF that corresponds to your aura type (excerpts from Understanding Human Design by Karen Parker - to get the full book on Amazon click here)

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Human Design Aura Types...which one are you?

CLick to DOwnload PDF and learn more!

What I do...

When I discovered Human Design it was like a neon sign for me. The words literally lit up in my mind as I listened to the webinar coach (who I later hired to help me) and I KNEW that this study, this system, and this living experiment were FOR me.


I dove in headfirst and within a week I was giving readings. The intel was so familiar and my understanding of it was effortless, it seemed utterly natural to share it with others.

That was in 2016. Now I have been transformed by having lived this system and by having witnessed other people have breakthrough after breakthrough, just from the awareness that who they ARE is unique on purpose and how to live with a unique strategy for being ALIGNED with their uniqueness.

It is the absolute thrill of my life to help decipher this "cosmic blueprint" for my clients because it is profoundly relevant to every issue of how one lives! From relationships to career path and everything in between, YOU have a unique pattern and strategy for success.

When I look at a chart, I don't see lines and shapes and colors. I see you! I see your greatness and your pain. I see your potential and your conditioning. I see how a tiny shift in your perspective can have a tremendous and life-changing impact on your happiness, success, and inner peace.

Here's what some of my clients have to say...
“I learned so much from Crystal in just 20 minutes! I'm feeling motivated and excited to take what I've learned and expand upon it. This conversation was just what I needed!” Angie

“Crystal's reading for me was spot on! She saw things in me that I hadn't even noticed in myself but that really define me as a person. This was very enlightening. I highly recommend a rdg for those on a spiritual path or looking to find their purpose” Naji

“Crystal is absoultely AMAZING! She made me realize even if I don’t feel like I’m on the right path I am. She gave me information that was a sign for me and I can’t thank her enough. She is AMAZING and I loved talking with her!” Brandy

As a life coach who is also an intuitive, kinesthetic empath (I can FEEL you) the Human Design system is a tool that I simply love for its accuracy. It helps me decipher the feels and interpret your energy with the utmost confidence.

So whether you want a reading on a specific topic or you want to learn how to understand how to read your own chart and embark on a deep dive for yourself, I'm here to help!

Contact me on Everclear to arrange a chat (messaging) or voice call.


My office hours are Wednesday and Friday 1-8 pm PST and by appointment. Please send me the time date and location of your birth in advance of the appointment.
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Click here to learn more about your Strategy and Authority


Click here to learn more about your Strategy and Authority


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