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Clarity Coaching

FOR Life and Business 

through the lens of Human Design. 

🎯 Learn how your Cosmic Blueprint influences the way you show up in life and business and learn your unique strategy and inner authority for manifesting your preferred and desired experiences.
🎯 You'll gain Clarity of purpose while you get Clear of internal blocks to your success.

Jennifer Casey~ Washington

I have more tools in my "toolbox" to be able to live my life according to my own energy type and to be doing what I am suppose to be doing!. I am excited to continue using these things that I have learned on a daily basis and see where I am at in 3 months, 6 months and a year from now.

Cat Close-up
S. T. ~ California

I've gained an understanding of who I am, why I am this way, & what I should be doing to experience peace, happiness, & abundance. As a result, I've reduced the stress in my life, I've gained clarity on my goals, & I've become more aligned in my thoughts, feelings, & beliefs in order to achieve the things I want out of life.

Spa Stones
Sandy L ~ Washington

Crystal, without even knowing my issues, knew what needed to be cleared. Through many healing techniques, I began the awareness of the foundation of my physical ailments. This started the emotional release of my untrue thoughts about myself. I began feeling better after our first session, and continue to have deep healing in ways that are inexpressible.

Are you ready for a deeper dive into the TRUE YOU?
How to Get CLARITY on what you REALLY want in your soul.
How to CREATE the vision that will miraculously begin to appear from the Dream to your Reality
The Perfect Strategy for Living in Alignment with your Unique Cosmic Blueprint
How to take INSPIRED ACTION based on your own energy.
How to ACTUALLY get it done ALMOST EFFORTLESSLY with a PROVEN framework.



Gain CLARITY on what you really want and CLEAR up your old emotional trauma to begin living your preferred experiences

Learn to implement, integrate and embody PROVEN methods of deliberate manifestation of better health, fulfilling work, financial abundance and more satisfying relationships!​

Finally get REAL RESULTS creating the life you're dreaming of in MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, RELATIONSHIPS AND FINANCES!