Are you an Online Business Entrepreneur with a DIY mindset?


Are you "Technically Challenged" and just want the tech stuff done for you? 


Do you need some guidance on building your website, marketing or discovering the perfect, holistic strategy for your business?


Are you ready to move fully into your power to create a financially abundant and personally satisfying holistic lifestyle business that reflects your own authentic journey and your passion to serve the well being of others? 


BUT you're at a loss as to:
WHAT to do first - how to prioritize all the things that need your attention, 
HOW to reconcile the need for practical results with the thought leadership or other esoteric principles of your work
HOW to overcome resistance, blocks or fears around moving forward.


You're not making enough money,
you're working too many hours,
you're not meeting your ideal clients.


You're confounded by today's marketing technology yet you're keenly aware and interested in using online tools to reach your target audience.

You’re aware that you have some blocks to moving forward, some hidden things that are weighing you down and holding you back

You know that the energy of your mind, body, and spirit  - how you feel, think and show up are a big part of successful ventures.

I can help!


Schedule a session today to discuss, plan and implement your goals from a holistic standpoint that is aligned with Your Unique Cosmic Energy Blueprint as your guide.


client praise

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter
Cinnamon Girodengo ~ Washington
Theta Healer

I have had an opportunity to work with Crystal in different capacities, as a Teacher, as a Business Associate, and as a Community Member. Crystal is always present, available and ready/willing to engage. The website she created for me, has really captured the essence of what I do. I appreciate Crystals skills, abilities and willingness to grow, and learn. She is open minded, yet can steer you in the direction you want to take your business. Thank you Crystal.

Angel statue
Karen Nicksich~ Washington

Crystal is amazing. She helped me create a beautiful new website as an author. What I like about Crystal is she listens to what you want. In my case I was very specific about having dogs and angels on my website. All of my books are spiritual and about dogs. Crystal had the vision, creativity and knowledge to create an awesome website that I LOVE! She is even teaching me how to use my website effectively. In the future I plan on having Crystal do all my marketing for my books. I highly recommend Crystal for any consulting, marketing or website needs. With much gratitude, Karen Nicksich

Stones of Meaning
Tobaski Snipes ~ Washington

crystal has been a heaven sent. she helped me beauitify my sites and is helping me systemise my business. she is solid and is there for you when you need her! she is a leader, she does things on her own that will better your practice. she has been the greatest investment to my business.

recent work


  • Titanium Health Website

  • Jenny Braxton Web Design

  • Tri-TriviaSocial Media Marketing

  • Envision Better LLC Website and Marketing

  • Trivia Night

  •  Karaoke Competition

  • Holistic Wellness Expo​

  • Brochures and Business Cards


  • Web Design

  • Website Maintenence

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Events

  • Print Marketing Material

  • Holistic Business Coaching

Recent clients

Jenny Braxton
Jenny Braxton

Jenny Braxton, Sexuality + Empowerment Coach

Envision Better, LLC Website Design
Envision Better, LLC Website Design

Envision Better, LLC Website Design

ANSIL Website Design
ANSIL Website Design
Karen Nicksich, Author Website
Karen Nicksich, Author Website

Karen Nicksich, Author Website Design

Tri-fold Brochure Design for Print
Tri-fold Brochure Design for Print

Tri-fold Brochure Design for Print

Social Media Event Image
Social Media Event Image

Divon Karaoke Social Media Event Post Image

Postcard Design for Print
Postcard Design for Print

Postcard Design for Print

Social Media Event Image
Social Media Event Image

Tri-Trivia Social Media Event Post Image

A Beautiful, well designed, content-rich, search engine optimized, user-friendly, and functional website is a must in today's business world.


The first impression your site makes on your visitors can make all the difference between skyrocketing revenues and closing down the business for good.


A great website does not have to be expensive, and DIY options are everywhere.


It is important to make sure you include all the things that will make your site worth the expense whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.


I design websites that are functional, good looking and affordable. I coach and consult on how to do it yourself, and I offer maintenance packages too!


Contact me today for a complimentary initial business consultation!