***emotional energy for well being***


"Water perceives every change in thought or mood.
The brightest of these vibrational currents is Love"
- from the movie "The Secret of Water"

The human body is 70-90% water. Water is the carrier of life. It's an element of vastly mysterious properties. One such property is its ability to carry information, to be programmed with energy, and to transfer the information and energetic frequencies from one place to another.

Many studies have shown and proven the ability of water to be "charged" with life-giving energy and information.


How? Through intention!


We are all capable of using this miraculous substance, that we're mostly made of, for our well being, simply through intention. Paying attention to how we program the water molecules in our bodies, and the water we put into our bodies can have a profound impact on how well we live!


It's from this awareness that EmoQi is born.

Emo...emotional energy is a potent healing force.

Emo ... giving homage to Masaru Emoto, whose pioneering research led to our awareness of the miraculous nature of water.

And Qi...the life force that flows through all things, that we can direct with our awareness

In their experiments, the researchers simply wrote words of emotional well-being on the water containers, and the structure of the water was changed, from having no structure to being able to form beautiful crystals. Structured water can carry positive energy and impact the cells in the body in ways that improve vitality.

So let's place words of emotional well-being on our vessel...the human body! It's one more way we can "Be the Change" we wish to see in the world!