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This guide book is meant to help you understand the Generator and Manifesting Generator aura types and how it relates to your life. It will also help you understand how to align your Generator aura type with your life and how to create a life that is conducive to your Generator energy.


Table of Contents

Generator Strategy

Affirmations for the Generator

Parenting Generator Children

Affirmations for the Generator Child

The Generator in relationship with other Aura Types

Generator in relationship with other Generators

The Generator Strategy at Work or Career

Manifesting Generator Strategy

The Difference between Generators and Manifesting Generators

Affirmations for the Manifesting Generator

Parenting a Manifesting Generator Child

Affirmations for a Manifesting Generator Child

Manifesting Generator in Relationships with other Aura Types and the same Aura Type

Manifesting Generator Strategy at Work

Generator / Manifesting Generator Strategy Guide

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