DO YOU Feel "different" not always in a good way?
YOU can't figure out why the things you try don't work?
HAVE YOU Had multiple "fails" in business?
ARE YOU Tired, exhausted, fatigued, physically unwell?
ARE YOU Worried, stressed, anxious or depressed?
ARE YOU Lacking peace in key relationships?

ARE YOU Struggling financially.


This was me.

Until I learned to have CLARITY...
I had to get real and face myself
I had to allow my authentic self to be 
I had to let go of everything I thought was true about myself
I had to heal emotional wounds
I had to slow down
I had to learn how to really love myself
I had to learn who I really am and accept it all as it is
I had to learn to live in the present moment
I had to learn a way of being that is aligned with the truth of who I am


The key to change is CLARITY
Becoming Authentic, Becoming Love, Becoming Limitless, Becoming Well.THY 
in a way that is aligned WHO YOU REALLY ARE is the message I'm here to share.
I'm here to encourage you, inspire you and to be inspired by YOU!
Crystal Willingham

I'm a Whole Life Wellness Coach and Online Business Consultant, and a Natural Intuitive Healer.

I am a certified 

Life Coach and Reiki Master

I have a Masters of Science Degree in Internet Marketing


I love working with entrepreneurs to assist them in transforming their lives through the consistent daily practice of various bio-energy related habits, thought processes and healing tools. 


My Soul Level Intentions are to encourage and empower entrepreneurs

to gain CLARITY on the Healing power within themselves,

in mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances.

I inspire others to take control of their own journey by offering proven tools to become the frequency of the life they prefer to live, coaching on the most effective ways to align with their UNIQUE COSMIC ENERGY and strategies for success!


Read my blog to learn more about me.

Ask me any question, join my forum or connect with me on social media.


Crystal is a true healer! I am a massage therapist and fellow Reiki practitioner and thought I knew the power of energy healing until I met Crystal. She has changed my understanding of the healing potential. Thank you Crystal!!

Sean, Kennewick, WA

I started having sessions with Crystal because I had multiple physical issues that were troublesome. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, yet many people had recommended for me to go see her. My first visit was an extensive assessment with a high tech body scan which identified the blockages in my body. Crystal, without even knowing my issues, knew what needed to be cleared. Through many healing techniques, I began the awareness of the foundation of my physical ailments. This started the emotional release of my untrue thoughts about myself. I began feeling better after our first session, and continue to have deep healing in ways that are inexpressible. Crystal is a very gentle, compassionate, and has unconditional love for me. Crystal, I am so extremely grateful you are in my life, and assisting me to live my life to its absolute fullest. Namaste!

Sandy, Richland WA

I want to thank Crystal for her warm, genuine and loving energy. I was introduced to alternative methods of healing by Crystal. She is a kind and generous soul. She took time from her busy schedule to send healing energy for my son who was ill at the time. Crystal encourages people to look within and use intuition, prayer and inner guidance to seek solutions and healing. She has rays of wisdom to offer.

Lily A., Pasco WA

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