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Lightworker Manifesto - We are here for a New Way!

I am feeling unwell today. As I dive deeper into the truth of who I am, I have become more sensitive to subtle energy, both within myself and around me. I have become aware of my purpose on this planet as a lightworker and and ambassador of Unconditional Love. As I have grown along this journey, one of the vital practices has been to avoid the negative energies and influences of American Media on TV. If you follow me on social media, you won’t see me weighing in on hot button topics...politics, human rights, crime and murder, at least up until now.

The feeling of unease, pressure and anxiety in my body I know isn’t mine. It is a feeling in the collective consciousness and I am a part of this consciousness, like it or not. So today, I am weighing in. Primarily to speak to my brothers and sisters here doing work for the light. Anyone on the frequency of Love. To you I am guided to say this. Openly, fearlessly and in Unconditional Love.

The turmoil on this planet is an infection that has been raging on for a very long time. As with your human body, the energy body of the earth has mechanisms for dealing with infection. As with your human body, you may have a low grade infection that goes untreated or unnoticed until suddenly, you are sick with it...feverish, in pain, suffering. It may appear as a painful and sore eruption on the skin or a high temperature, and mucous congestion...but when it reaches this phase you know indeed that YOU ARE SICK! It is so with the body of the collective at this time. Intolerance, prejudice, hatred, evil, greed, killing...all of these are an INFECTION and they have come - like a disgusting boil - to a painful head! That my friends is what we are experiencing at this time. It is the most uncomfortable, heartbreaking, anxiety-ridden and feverish time when the infection has taken hold and the body is aware of it’s POWER to HEAL! However, just as your body needs the right fuel to heal, so the collective body does too.

The right fuel, beloveds, is not more anger. It is not feeling helpless and hopeless. It is not fighting back and getting revenge - it is not lowering ourselves to the frequency of the pain! No! The right fuel is more love, not less! The right fuel is opening to and speaking the truth - FEARLESSLY!

Lightworker...what do you believe to be true? Do you know that you are a being of love and light that is on this planet at a time of critical mass? A time of radical change? Do you know that you may have lived many lifetimes and been every race, religion, gender along the way? Do you know that your spirit has experienced every kind of evil, hatred and death - AND every level of divine love and abundance. You are not are not Black...not Asian, Hispanic, or any other race, color or are a soul in a body! You are here to MANIFEST within this construct of life as we know it on earth. You are here with the power of your thought and your LOVE to make changes...simply with your INTENTION! You are here to remember how to do this! And the ones who are participating in the violence, the hatred and the killing - they are all a part of the plan! They are the CATALYSTS for change - to get YOU LIGHTWORKER to see your power and let LOVE guide you to DIVINE RIGHT ACTION! To meditate and envision this world in the way we know it truly is - it naturally is - a place of beauty, peace, calm, friendship, and LOVE!

The Media wants us to buy into their lies and deceptions, they want us to see each other as the enemy, to hate and to kill. They want us divided by race, gender, orientation and status...why??? Because it feeds the BEAST of GREED! MONEY and POWER! But guess what? Even this is an illusion - designed to do one thing, keep the majority of people on this planet locked in mental slavery! You have truly been living in the MATRIX and sadly, most are still sleeping and being drained of life force to feed the energy of the BEAST.

WAKE UP Lightworker! Take your head out of the sand...not to fight, but to RISE ABOVE the fray where the air is clear so that you can see and stand in the truth! Collectively, the frequency of Love is far, far greater than the frequency of greed, that’s why greed needs to control the masses. It is impossible to ignore the pain. But that does not mean we have to focus on it! Come out from the shadows with your messages of love and light...of hope and peace! Come out and play in the light with your ANGELS and Ascended Masters, Your Crystals, Your Oracle cards and your Intuition! Come out with your Energy Healing and your gifts of Health and Wellness! Come out and display your own journey of RADICAL SELF HEALING! Come out and turn the heads of those whose energy is near yours, those you attract with your particular frequency of light. Come out so you can reach the ones who are ready to see the truth and the light of LOVE! And if you already are on the LEADING EDGE of this wave...KEEP RIDING!

This Lightworker, is how we fuel the body of the collective and begin to battle back the infection that is raging! There is more going on here than just your personal prosperity in life and business! This is how we regain the natural balance of well being on the planet and in this country where the Infected Boil of injustice and hatred is gushing forth its bloody pus into our lives! This is how as a collective, we THRIVE!

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