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A Practice! of Presence | 30 Day Challenge | Day 1

30 day Presence Practice! Challenge...Day 1

Discover what abides in the present moment...and what happens when you embody and project presence.

In This video:

What is the infinite potential of the present moment?

What is Practice!?

What's in it for you?

What's in it for me?


What do I want?

Joy and connection. Authentic relationships with healthy souls and others on a true Healing journeys. To be myself authentically, fearlessly, divinely, presently, and infinitely lovingly.

Why do I want it?

My biggest fear is that my life will always be less than completely satisfying. That I will never be able to do all the things I really want to do, go where I want to go, feel how I want to feel, and be how I want to be. These fears have to be exposed to be overcome.

Fear cannot be the motivator.

It will always bring more fear. It can be a catalyst, an indicator of the contrast between what I am creating and what my soul level intentions are. Why I really want what I want is to be at peace with life. To be at peace within myself. To be satisfied, to become satisfaction. To be PRESENT. Persistently #staywoke!

How do I get there?

Challenge myself to change every thought, word and feeling to align with my preferred experiences. Do it every day. Spend time each day allowing myself to feel into the infinite potential of the present moment. Practice!

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Wanna go DEEPER

blockAre you ready for more self-love? Are you ready to experience the profound changes self-love can bring? Allow me to share my Simple 7 Day Self-Love Experiment with you! Doing this simple challenge WILL change you! Why is self-love so important? If I don't embody love for myself, I truly don't have the capacity to be love for anyone else. What we see in our world as love really isn't Love. It's the illusion of control and the grasping to be loved. It's looking for love in all the wrong places. It's the building of one's self-esteem on a foundation that has no fortification. When we believe that love has to come to us from an external source, an external God, a partner, a lover, a spouse, a parent or a friend, we set ourselves up for suffering and pain. We build upon expectations and requirements for love that are truly unloving to ourselves and others. We are truly living in the matrix...a construct of false truths made real by our belief in them. Self-Love opens the door to a new awareness. Allowing ourselves to choose MORE love of self will bring about a shift in focus from the external world to the inner world of our own true nature and infinite wisdom. As we reach for self-love we begin to see that the more love we have for our own heart, the more we hear the voices of our own soul and wisdom body. As we tune into these voices and learn the language of our own energy, we BECOME the very thing we thought it possible to find outside of ourselves. LOVE. Infinite Love in it's truest form. Becoming Love makes it effortless to give love and receive love. It makes it possible to see love in everything and everyone. It makes it possible to manifest preferred experiences, and changes the nature of your goals and aspirations into your Soul's Perfected Desires...that which you incarnated to experience and the truth of who you are. Why $18 for this course? Through the Magic and the Power of Intention, each price carries with it the vibration of the number, and the intention for the member to anchor this vibration into their own for their highest and best good and the benefit of all.


blockNumber 18 resonates with the vibrations and attributes of climbing the Holy mountain for humanity, leadership, giving and receiving, responsibility, Universal Love, Brother/Sisterhood, unfolding, completion, humanitarianism, and benevolent, intuitive, selflessness.

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Or become a Healer's Toolkit Tribe Member and get this and other courses for free!

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