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October 2018 - What's up ova here?

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

What a year 2018 has shaped up to be! So many major shifts in energy since January...well I guess that is what happens when we implement the tools and techniques for inner change, right?

If you went on the 13-week self-healing journey with me in the fall, winter, or spring, I'd love to hear how things are going. How have you been doing with continued implementation of the process?

Well, for me it's been like pulling the tower card!

LET GO was the instruction that echoed in my inner ear. I asked for clearing and clarity. I asked to be shown my soul level intentions. I asked for guidance and wisdom. I practiced using words to create a new energy within myself. I meditated and contemplated. I became more present and mindful. I sought wise counsel and healing of my body from other Healers. And I Let Go.

And my world shifted and changed to reflect these changes in my energy.

I was struggling financially. I felt "different" not always in a good way. I couldn't figure out why the things I tried didn't work I had multiple "fails" in business

I was tired, exhausted, fatigued, physically unwell I was worried, stressed, anxious and depressed And I was lacking peace in key relationships. I had to get real and face myself I had to allow my authentic self to be I had to let go of everything I thought was true about myself I had to heal emotional wounds I had to slow down I had to learn how to really love myself I had to learn who I really am and accept it all as it is I had to learn to live in the present moment I had to learn a way of being that is aligned with the truth of who I am

I'M STILL LEARNING, and it's working.

In this video, I share a little about how the summer months shaped up and what I feel coming in these last months of 2018.

I have spent these last couple of weeks in hyper-drive - it's kinda crazy to look back and see all that I have done in such a short time.

First of all, I have a whole new look and feel to my website!

I call it "The Weird Girls Guide to becoming Well.thy - The Healer's Journey". It will be a work in progress as I implement online strategies and create content from my journey. I contemplated using the word "weird" to describe myself. I couldn't get away from I finally looked it up and many of the definitions of the word are totally apropos! ...from Merriam's Dictionary "of strange or extraordinary character: ODD, FANTASTIC, MAGICAL" ...and from Urban Dictionary "Someone who isn't afraid to be themselves. A person who likes to be humorous and make people laugh. People who like to have a good time. Sometimes weird people are the BEST kinda people."

To me, it's just my willingness to embrace the aspects of myself that are out of the ordinary, that made it hard to "fit in" for many years, and all that makes me uniquely me.

And I also decided to coin the term WELL.thy as a way to describe becoming Well, Wealthy and Healthy - thru the implementation of tools and techniques for self-healing, self- love, and self-awareness. A huge part of this - and my journey as well - is developing a practice of law of attraction principles thru the lens of Human Design. It has been probably the most life-changing element to my process, and something I feel very strongly led to share.

The intention for the site is to be a place of resources and community. It's a place where I will freely share my journey as well as curated content. You can discover or re-discover some really good stuff for your journey and you can share your own thoughts, start discussions and interact with me.

Second, I have made a renewed commitment to focus on all aspects of holistic wellness, in mind, body, spirit, relationships, and FINANCES. That has always been my intention, but FINANCIAL PEACE is elusive for many of us and I feel that a more deliberate focus on the creation of financial wealth, the maintenance of wealth and being WELL.thy are required at this time of EXPANSION. Money is an amplifier of energy. And in the immortal words of Wallace Wattles, author of the Science of Getting Rich, we are here to expand in every good way!

So to that end, I'll be sharing a free webinar series called "Let's Get Well.thy" with my longtime friend and financial services professional, Tiffany Brinkley, MBA, FAO

Click here to be notified when the series starts.

I'll be talking about financial wellness in terms of all the same stuff:


self-awareness, and


Human Design,

Emotional Healing,

Bio-energetic Healing,

Nutrition and Fitness,

Esoteric and Universal Principles

...all while focusing on sharing what it takes to experience more Abundant Life. I'll be sharing my own observations after spending over 10 years immersed in this information as well as pointing you in the direction of others who are actively mastering and sharing their gifts with the world.

I'll still be available for one-on-one Clarity Coaching and appointments can be scheduled on my website

And I will also be able to provide Financial Needs Analysis and Financial Products and Services as a Financial Services Professional at the World Financial Group (WFG - a Transamerica Company)

I'm so excited to go into the new year with this direction, following my strategy and authority, guided by my inner wisdom in service to you!

Feel free to utilize a new feature on my website - Ask me any question and I will be happy to use my intuition and knowledge to help you find your answers!

"Don't just think about it. Be about it."

An online law of attraction and holistic wellness community!

  • Learn to implement, integrate and embody methods of deliberate manifestation of more money, better health, and more satisfying relationships!

  • Clear up your vibration to be a match to your preferred experiences.

  • Get curated guidance and support from experts and a community of like-minded people!

  • Finally get real results creating the life you're dreaming of in mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances!

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