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Manifesting 101 - Neville Goddard

Listen to this short video where Neville Goddard explains the driving principles of manifesting preferred experiences into your life.

I have transcribed some of the key points from this video.

How to put your wonderful imagination right into the feeling of your wish fulfilled, and let it remain there and fall asleep in that state. Feel yourself into the state of your fulfilled desire and continue therein until you fall asleep. give it all the sensory vividness of reality while in that drowsy state and then go to sleep
1. know exactly what you want, make as life like a representation as possible of what you would see, touch, do, physically moving in such a state 2. think FROM what you want instead of only thinking OF what you want...I'm here but I put myself in my imagination elsewhere, in that state I want to be in. I'm observing myself "there" in my imagination making it real there. fall asleep in this state

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