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Living My Design | Synchronicity, flow and manifesting

For a couple of years now I have been meeting weekly with a group of women that I consider to be my Soul Sisters. We connected simply out of a desire to meet like-minded women with a fascination for esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual topics. We all wanted a safe, loving space where we could openly share our thoughts and feelings. Many of these topics are well outside the norms of society, often referred to as “woo-woo” we were drawn together like magnets and we have thrived.

The group has had many iterations and it seems to have a life and energy of its own, shifting as we shift, expanding as we expand. We have shared very personal stories, celebrated birthdays, offered the gifts of intuition, energy work, arts and crafts and everything in between. In this energy we are individually inspired. Some nights we are tired from long work days, pain in the body or spirit, but when we leave the group after 2, 3 or sometimes even 6 hours together, we feel rejuvenated! It's common to hear someone say how much they hate to miss the group night. I know this is true for me. It truly is special.

I have become somewhat a leader for the group, although this was never my conscious intention. It's just happens to be in my “design”. I'll go into more detail on design shortly. First I want to share that I firmly believe these women to be my Soul Sisters, my Tribe, and as such we have been together many life times before. Their willingness to allow me to share my heart, my life lessons and various tools or techniques that my seekers mind takes a fancy to is nothing short of a blessing to me. Any and every time I suggest that we listen to, watch, or learn a new meditation, healing modality or other activity they say “yes!” and there have been many of these over the last couple of years. And it's not just me bringing these activities to the group, everyone can and does share.

Recently, I felt a nudge in my spirit that “playtime” was over, and that a Purpose and Mission was at hand for our group. I felt strongly that self healing, group healing, better nutrition, fitness and a greater energetic presence in the world was our calling and everyone else felt this too. This was about 5 months ago... funny how slow we can be to listen to Spirit, but there's always a bigger, or more obvious sign that indeed Spirit is speaking when we don't listen the first few times. So much that when we finally do, we have proof that indeed we heard correctly the first time. And yet “since everything is always working out” (my mantra), the timing is somehow still perfect. So I shared with the group that there were things we all needed to do to “level up” and be prepared to give back to the world, take ownership of our role as lightworkers, and do what we came here to do now for the Ascension of the planet.

Part of this was better self-care, and part was showing what we know about the power of intent to mold energy and create or manifest beneficial outcomes for the good of all. So we started offering up prayers and meditations where we visualized sending loving, healing energies out to the whole world. We became self-appointed ambassadors of love and light. We began doing more healing for one another. We began exercising our gifts in an even more meaningful way. One day the idea came to me to create an online healing circle that anyone could join and we could directly impact lives of others by addressing their specific prayers and request in or meditation. It was an inspired idea. I had been struggling with creating the most purposeful and fulfilling content for my media agency for a while and this idea just felt like an answer to my prayers. I could use my skills, tools and talent with web design and marketing and create something with real meaning to my own heart, something I have been longing to do.

A week to two prior to this, I began working with a spiritual business coach. She introduced me to the human design. It was one of those moments like a deja vu. I just felt like I needed to know this, like the words triggered a memory deep in my soul. So before my first conversation with her I researched and investigated “human design” and I was mesmerized.

With this tool I began to have awareness of my strengths, the true purpose for my incarnation, and I realized the things I came here to do are things I was doing easily, effortlessly and out of pure enjoyment. It was those things, according to the human design chart, that are my life work and purpose. My women's group, the leadership, and the seeking and sharing of spiritual enlightenment...this is my calling.

I immediately began to apply what is known as strategy and authority to the decisions I was making. Stuck energies begin to move and over the weeks I found myself in synchronistic situations again and again.

One of the most profound circumstances of synchronicity occurred within the last week. Having several weeks practice with noticing internal cues of strategy and authority I was invited on a road trip to a nature reserve with a display of massive quartz and other crystals and immediately I said yes because I felt in my being this was something that would be exciting, healing and fun. The trip was going to be a carpool I had the feeling that I needed to drive myself. So I honored this internal nudge and drove along with two of my soul sisters. This became significant because we arrived several minutes before everyone else, and in that time we made one to one connections with the proprietor of the reserve, Andy and the healer who was to offer a unique energetic experience with the crystals, Brian. The experience was quite amazing, the reserve, beautiful and truly restful yet energizing. Then at the end of the day when it was time to leave, we stayed longer than everyone else and got a chance to know these beautiful souls even more. It was in alignment with this synchronicity of meeting in that flow of aligned energies we decided to have Brian come to our Wednesday night women's group and do his crystal energy experience with us. It was as if no words really needed to be spoken, the connection was made and everything else followed effortlessly.

My human design strategy of responding and listening to the authority of my gut/intuition is clearly lighting up my path. I'm getting better at seeing the light! I'm doing my life's work when I facilitate and act as a catalyst for bringing the healing energy genius of others together with their desired tribe. I enlisted the help of the manifestors in the group and using my social media skills we had a group of 23 at the meeting on Wednesday night! Our normal group is 6 to 8. I know we shifted the energy on the planet in combined intention with many other souls. It was a truly blessed experience and I say yes to experiencing more of this aligned manifestation.

What am I learning from these experiences?

There are 3 main things I feel I am learning and I can share with others from my experiences.

  1. Everything is energy and energy can be moved with pure intention. The more I set my intention on love, light and healing, the more I experience this with people and situations. The power of intention is amplified in the field of other, like minded individuals and experimenting in this energy field is fun and beneficial to all.

  2. Learning the basics of human design and acting in accordance with my strategy and authority are powerful tools for transformation. I have been given a “permission slip” to stand fully in the truth of who I am by exploring and experimenting with this tool. Others I have shared this with feel the same way too.

  3. Life can be more effortless and graceful when we allow ourselves to be in the flow, without resistance, and practice what I call “the art of allowing”, simply seeking to be happier and have more fun.

Join me on a journey of exploring Your Human Design in my Program "30 days of Divine Abundance"!

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