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How to overcome mental and emotional blocks - 3 simple techniques

Yesterday, I shared an inner dialogue with my ego about getting started writing. As I was trying to come up with a clever idea of what to write, I had a vague feeling of stuckness. A feeling that I can now identify as an emotional or mental block, that used to hide in the shadows of my subconscious. It was like a computer virus running silently in the background of the operating system of my mind, joyfully slowing down processes and changing the direction of signals, giving its own meaning to symbols and causing massive, yet barely perceptible to the untrained eye, chaos.

A couple of years ago, the virus program slipped up. It became cocky and let me catch a momentary glimpse as it shifted a program of confident self assuredness to anxiety. I was at a coffee shop working on a design on my laptop when suddenly I became aware of the slightest notion that I was anxious and feeling like I shouldn't be able to work for myself at a coffee shop. Whoa...what? Where was that notion coming from? At the time I was learning some new tools for developing self awareness and perhaps that's why I was even able to notice this tiny anomaly.

So fast forward to now and the feeling of stuckness, and the almost immediate realization that another pesky virus program was running.

A quick mental scan revealed the culprit, a trapped emotion. So, using one of my simple techniques for clearing, I got rid of the bugger and here we are! Writing!

Since learning tools for developing self awareness and for self healing, I've had some pretty amazing shifts in perspective and gained some real clarity. There are 3 techniques that I have found particularly effective and they are unbelievably simple. I suggest you not take my word for it but put these into practice, experiment with them and see what happens.

  1. The art of Allowing. I learned this technique listening to Abraham Hicks. It is truly the most simple of concepts and is very effective in shifting out of negative mental and emotional states. The basis is simply choosing to a better thought or feeling and accepting that the negative thought or feeling was just there to show you where you are out of alignment with the truth of who you are.

  2. Clearing trapped emotions with the emotion code. Yup, we all have them. Emotions that for some reason get stuck in our psyche and color our perceptions in self destructive ways. The technique was developed by Dr. Brad Nelson and uses simple muscle testing and a magnet to identify what is stuck and release it. Results I have seen both for myself and others are often nothing short of amazing.

  3. Meditation and contemplation for mindfulness. Becoming aware of the now and taking time to stop and be present is a powerful tool for noticing what's really going on in your head. Most of the time thoughts of things that have not happened are the reason for suffering. Paying attention to now can help bring one back to a state of well being and sitting quietly in meditation is like exercise for the mindfulness muscles, making them stronger.

Just practicing these simple techniques consistently for a couple of years has really transformed my way of being, helping me to reprogram my subconscious mind. I am now able to step more fully into my passions and purpose and finally...write.

If you would like a guided, daily practice of using these tools for your own transformation, join my 30 days to Divine Abundance Program! Click here to learn more!

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