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How to write an affirmative prayer, invocation or meditation - 5 simple steps

How to Create Your Affirmative Prayer

The parts of an affirmative prayer:

The first step is Recognition. Here we recognize the presence of God, Source, Spirit, the Divine (whatever term you prefer to use to describe this presence) that is everywhere in the Universe and in everyone and everything.

(I recognize that Source/Spirit is in and through everything and is Divine Abundance.)

The second step is Unification. Here we are knowing that the presence of Source, is present within your own being.

(I am one with Spirit).

The third step is Realization. This is an affirmation step where we affirm what it is we desire in our lives, and affirm this as if it is already happening, in the use of present tense affirmations. We bring in the feeling and the knowing that this is already occurring and seeing it happen right now!!

(I affirm, know and feel that I am healthy, whole and complete on every level).

The fourth step is Gratitude and Appreciation. Here we give thanks for and we hold dear all that is occurring for us right now. We acknowledge and give thanks for what we have affirmed.

(I am grateful for the healing and wholeness that is occurring for me right now).

The fifth step is Release. Here we release all we have affirmed to Source/ the Universe knowing that it is already done and complete.

(I release this to Source knowing this is all taken care of in the Mind of Source.).

We finish our treatment by affirming ,



Adapted from

My Divine Abundance Mantra/ Affirmative prayer.

One day last summer, from a place of deep knowing and introspection, I wrote the following affirmation. I didn't realize at the time it was an affirmative prayer...but my soul spoke it into my awareness!

I am have always been and will always be a divine part of the divine whole. A member of the divine body. My awakening to this fact is a re-membrance of who I truly am. I am here solely (soul-ly) to re-member myself and re-mind others. I have access to limitless wisdom, knowledge and truth in every moment. I allow this access to be easy and effortless. I simply ask and I receive. I understand that my power resides in this moment. My choices are happening now and there is no other time to choose the preferred option and give thanks for it while allowing the universal divine mind to bring forth results that match the vibration. These results may surpass anything that I at my level of consciousness can conceive of. As I exercise and integrate this understanding of universal truth, I become increasingly aware and open to the power which resides within me. It is from this powerful place that I create my reality. I embrace every thought feeling and emotion, whether positive or negative for they show me where I am. They are like guideposts or markers on the path. I embrace feelings of judgement and recognize the feeling is in my awareness to be healed and cleared for the benefit of all. This understanding allows me to be fully present in mind, shifting my tendency to look away from uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. I choose instead to examine them and learn what they are showing up to teach me. I hear the judgment of others in my own voice and I see the self-imposed cage I've placed around myself. I see the door is open. The lock is broken the chains are loose. To be truly self-directed and tap into my higher consciousness I must be able to discern which voice is speaking, whose thoughts I'm hearing and from where those thoughts are originating. I choose to listen and observe reverently, with the inner ear and to examine my thoughts, releasing those which have exhausted their usefulness and I allow these to be replaced with unconditional love and gratitude. Every new thought born of the vibration of love and gratitude carries the highest potential for manifestation of the preferred outcome or better. How these thoughts become manifest it is not my concern. Only practicing the integration of understanding my true divine nature - unconditional love and expressing gratitude for it. These are my only concerns. Love and gratitude. From this vibration I allow expected and unexpected goodness to appear in my reality. I allow expected and unexpected abundance to be my reality. I allow expected and unexpected kindness to be my reality. From this vibration I walk in peace and joy. From this vibration I allow myself to confidently and boldly walk through every open door to experience synchronicity, serendipity, alignment and Divine appointments. From this vibration I allow myself to see the beauty which is all around me. From this vibration of love and gratitude I am that. And so it is with the speaking of this affirmative prayer I give thanks for everything. Every moment of struggle . Every suffering, every joy, every moment of peace, everything of beauty and everything and contrast to it, every person situation or circumstance in my life which brought me feelings of grief and every one of bliss, I give thanks! I rejoice, I give all glory honor and praise to this. I give thanks for my life in its entirety, from this vibration of unconditional love and gratitude! . From this vibration I see clearly that it is all choice. Happiness is a choice. Suffering is a choice. Neither good nor bad. If I have chosen to suffer it has served me in some way. And now, from this vibration of unconditional love and gratitude, I can see that it is not a necessary choice to make. I no longer need the contrast or to see the duality of life and in truth I see the non duality from this vibration. It is all good. And so I choose to experience life's goodness, that is the absolute beauty, joy, abundance, peacefulness, fun, excitement, happiness, wonder, awe, love, kindness, caring, delight, inspiration, marvelousness, niceties, opulence, power, radiance, superb, unlimited, vast, tremendous, yummy, zealousness! I allow, intend and expect the speaking of these truths to be received by the Source of all and reflected back to me Abundantly in my Experiences! So be it! And so it is. Amen! Amen and amen.

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