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Practice! How to become YOU

The one message I keep getting is that the value is in the process...your process of self discovery and enlightenment. Your process of healing from the past is uniquely yours.

My purpose here is to share my way. What works for me. My process and my shifts. It is in my design to share myself in this way. I embrace this fact.

My way is a deep commitment to PRACTICE. To choosing your tools and implementing them daily to create new habits and new neural pathways in the brain for the preferred ways of being. The tools chosen for this process are the Art of Allowing and the study of your human design - daily for 30 days. Within these two systems, there are a handful of tools, techniques and strategies that we can learn and practice together. I’ll share the format for the program with you - my goal is to keep it simple while helping you keep your focus on your commitment to yourself. First - I’ll share a little more about me and how this program came to be.

Why challenge myself...why 30 days?

In the spring of 2015, I was at a crossroads. I was promoting my business as a website design and marketing agency and I had been getting a lot of messages from my life that I really needed to stop what I was doing. Let go, allow and just BE was the resounding message. Over and over I got this from various sources. I was frustrated, trying really hard to create a business model that would generate income and be satisfying. I had been reading and listening to Abraham Hicks for years, had accepted and even practiced the ideas of deliberate creation. But inevitably, my old habits of thought and behavior would come back into prominence - and this was where I found myself again. Stuck.

I had discovered that my natural openness in my thinking and my inability to have certainty and clarity at times had a definition - a friend shared with me this word, “multipotentialite” and opened me to a new and very freeing concept. That having multiple interests was not a bad thing, and many people struggled with this until they came to understand their own nature.

This was such a relief because it helped me learn to allow myself to embrace all of my passions as I continued to seek fulfillment in my professional world. I knew I needed to re-focus on positive thinking so I returned to my study of Abraham Hicks - listening daily to excerpts found on YouTube. One clip in particular stood out. It was titled “do this for 30 days” and was about a guy who focused on his preferred experiences for 60 days with amazing results. I decided that I would challenge myself to do just the basic instructions - to break this down to what I understood to be the most important elements of deliberate creation, or what Abraham called the art of allowing. So for 30 days, I challenged myself to wake up and begin focusing on positive aspects as soon as I could in the morning, before getting out of bed. I challenged myself to be generally happier. I chose to say to myself things like, “I always have fun when I go out” and “everything is always working out for me”, powerful affirmations that, within 5 days were clearly manifesting in very evident ways!

After that first 30 day challenge, I was able to get clear on what I wanted to offer in my business. I attracted two very prominent clients, effortlessly. I embarked on a path to create a wellness expo, and had a renewed sense of purpose and passion, along with a greater appreciation of my gifts and talents. However, I let go of my daily mindfulness practice in the busyness of this activity thru the fall and winter of 2015.

So on January 1, 2016, I started another 30-day challenge for myself. This time, I put it on Facebook and invited my friends to join me. I was using Periscope for live streams and found it a fun tool for sharing my process. It’s so interesting how, only in retrospect, we see the shifts and changes that we are making. I wasn’t aware at the time of how much the challenge would help me. Luckily, I keep a journal and as each day unfolded, I wrote. I experienced a major break thru with the releasing of anger and a victim mindset by the end of that 30 day period, which I saw play out in relationships and the way I approached my business.

Again, my focus was pulled away from daily practice as I worked to create the Whole Life Wellness Expo. The expo was held the first weekend in May 2016. It was a time of major trial and error, which I now know is my life long learning style through my study of Human Design. It gave me so much contrast, so much beautiful evidence of not-self actions and conditioning - I was totally spent, emotionally, mentally and physically that by the end of May, I was guided back to my PRACTICE. Another 30-day challenge, again on Facebook in June brought me to Human Design. The irony of this work is that we don’t see that we are in our own way... until we are not. What I did realize at the time is that I needed help, from a coach who would be able to understand my “unique” concerns and provide me with guidance. This person manifested, effortlessly on June 20th. With her help, I began the most profound and cosmic journey to true, certain self-awareness.

I launched another 30-day challenge from mid-July to mid-August, this time with a specific focus on attracting financial abundance. Again I launched on Facebook. And while I did not achieve a significant financial goal, at least not as I expected or hoped, I did manifest money in ways that showed me errors in my thinking...and led me to the 4th 30-day challenge of 2016 in September. This time, the challenge had a far more spiritual focus, on the truth of abundance and our ability through daily focus to experience the divine abundance we already possess. During this challenge, I manifested several wonderful experiences, including a romantic love relationship.

The end result of this challenge for me was a profound realization that SELF-LOVE and self-awareness and self-healing are indeed the keys to lasting change and true personal enlightenment. On the final day of the challenge, I had an epiphany - that although I could say I loved myself, I was NOT loving myself unconditionally, just the way I am. And that was standing in the way of the creation of all of my preferred experiences, especially the ones that until now felt like they had eluded me.

The irony of all of this is that I had no plan to do these challenges. In fact, it was only upon reflection in a conversation with a friend that I even realized the magnitude of the inner work I had done throughout 2016. I learned with my study of Human Design that if I let it, my design will drive my life with precision. I didn’t have to try to create any of this, it all happened easily, effortlessly and in divine perfect alignment with the truth of who I am. Throughout each of these challenges, one thing remained consistent. The Art of allowing is the way for change...for me. The simple, deliberate, daily practice of feeling good, appreciating contrast and clearing resistance has been the foundation of all of this for me. How I did this, the various tools I found that helped me...this is what I have to offer.

My life today - October 30, 2016 - is the most fulfilled it has ever been. I am anticipating the experience of every preferred desire, even those that have yet to manifest. I have unconditional love for myself, just as I am. I have a relationship with a wonderful man. I have clarity and focus as never before. I know who I am and what I am here to create without the need to know exactly how it will all unfold because I have complete certainty in what it takes to manifest my preferred experiences. It feels really, really good!

Who I am…

I am Crystal, a 6/3 Generator, I live and learn with a purposeful pattern of trial and error. I am in a phase of deep self-healing, reflection upon all of my experiences and integration of the truth of who I am. When I align with this truth, I generate the unconditionally loving life force energy that sustains me and those around me.

I am an alchemist and healer - one who is an agent of transformation - per my design in channel 2/14.

I am a connector and I require deep spiritual connection in relationships with a huge subconscious drive to give birth to new ideas in co-creation per my 6/59 channel.

In my design, I am capable of transmuting energy from lower to higher forms and for me it is critical that I do what I love and stay true to my nature as I explore. This energy is in my 10/34 channel.

I am a visionary and perfectionist... realizing now that we are all perfect in our imperfection. I naturally see where improvements can be made with non-judgemental correction. This is in channel 18/58 and a part of the energy of my life purpose as my natural energy as a guide and a teacher resides in gate 58.

I have to speak my mind...and my insight is empowering in both its simplicity and its genius. My insight is empowering, in the right setting and as long as I am in my strategy as a generator with emotional authority. Channel 23/43.

These energies are guiding my path and always have been. My awareness of this has empowered me to stand in the truth of who I am. And as an agent for the transformation of others, my community, my tribe, I am singularly focused on helping you light your unique path.

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