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Whole Life Wellness Transformation Package

10 Weeks to a NEW YOU! Create a Vibrant Life you LOVE! With Reiki Wellness Sessions with Crystal

You might not know why you struggle with your health, relationships or money. But if you are struggling, it could be something beneath the surface. Something we can heal and transform together on this journey. Are you ready to…? Improve the quality of relationships at home and at work? Improve physical and emotional well being? Make lasting changes in your lifestyle habits for the BETTER? Release old habits and patterns of thought and behavior? Let go of heavy and painful emotional baggage? Identify and correct underlying energetic imbalances? With your Whole Life Wellness Transformation Package you can choose to improve overall health, enjoy better relationships and even experience more financial well being! How…? By releasing the mental, emotional and physical blocks that are hindering you from your preferred life experiences, using proven energy healing techniques, and tools for expanding self healing, self awareness and self love! The package consists of 10 weekly or bi-weekly, one on one sessions with Crystal. Single sessions are $80 each. By purchasing the package, you save $35 per session and implement one of the most powerful actions for creating lasting lifestyle change, consistent focus on your goal with the help of a coach. Whole Life Wellness Transformation Package - Just $450 ($800 value)

During this 10 sessions, we will dive into your energy healing tool kit, practice and play with each of these tools. Pain comes in many forms, from physical pain to emotional and mental pain. Let’s face it, in life there are always going to be challenges, but with tools that help us have greater self- awareness, self- healing and self- love, we can meet these challenges with a positive attitude and an unshakable knowing that everything is always working out for our good. That is the first step to true personal freedom and self mastery!

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