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How to become more certain of your own have your own answers!

As I work with people to uncover energetic imbalances and gain wellness, it's remarkable how many of my clients have touched on the “hidden” issues as they describe what's showing up physically and experientially. Most have already identified some of the root energetic causes of the problem and have even taken steps to remedy these, just based on their own intuitive insights. The problem is, they often ignore these intuitive hits, dismiss them, or act on them with a degree of uncertainty that prevents them from giving their full focus to following through with what they already know is right.

Practicing “CERTAINTY” is something I suggest to everyone. Certainty does not come naturally, it is a skill that with practice can be honed and become very powerful.

What exactly do I mean by certainty?

It’s something I learned when I was first awakened and becoming aware of energy, both metaphysically and bio-energetically. When I was taking a class on clairvoyance, it troubled me that I could not “see” the things others seemed to be able to see in the minds eye. It took several months of trying to realize that I was indeed very open and receptive to being able to perceive subtle energy, but I was not perceiving it the same way as others, and very likely, they were not perceiving it the same as me either. The truth, I found out, is that we all perceive subtle energies in as different ways as there are differences in our fingerprints. While there may be similarities, your perception is yours and mine is mine. Learning to understand that I was perceptive in my own way took expressing what I WAS feeling, and asking others for their feedback. So my assumption that what I felt was incorrect or irrelevant quickly changed as I realized that I could feel the occurrence that someone else may have been able to see, or hear, or intuit, but in MY OWN WAY.

general concepts for practicing certainty

Your process of experimenting and examining your perception of subtle energy and listening to your intuition will also vary from someone else's. But some general concepts for practicing certainty will hopefully put you on the right path if you are looking to enhance this skill.

3 ways to practice

  • In meditation - If you already have a meditation practice, you may find that the relaxed state you achieve opens you up to being more certain. If you haven't developed a practice you can try this. Sit quietly, place your focus on your breath. Feel your feet firmly rooted to the floor. Feel the weight of your body in the chair. With each breath allow yourself to feel more relaxed yet alert. Allow your thoughts to turn to a question you would like more certainty on. Pay attention to whatever enters your thoughts without judgement.

  • In a mindfulness practice - You may have a mindfulness practice, such as walking in nature, yoga or really anything you do with awareness of your thoughts. You may be washing dishes with deliberate contemplation of the activity. Training your mind to be deliberate can expand your awareness of the present moment, where certainty in what you feel and know ultimately reside.

  • In a quiet, alert and relaxed journal writing session - You can ask yourself questions and see what comes to you. Writing often puts us in a state of expanded awareness as we tune in to the creative side of the brain. It is amazing what insights you may find just from this activity alone.

It’s in this relaxed state of mind that we can access higher or expanded awareness. Don’t dismiss anything. Subtle energy can come in to you in many ways, such as through mental images or actual visual awareness, sounds, scents, feelings or sensations in the body such as discomfort, heat, tingles or itching, or of course thoughts that directly answer your questions. Record what comes up in the best way for you, whether it's in writing, audio recording, etc. The following is a list of questions you can begin asking for information on general or health related issues. You can also do these exercises with a friend you trust and see if your perceptions match or have synchronicity. If they do, trust it and let yourself grow in this certainty.

Before we get to the questions, here’s a quick example of having certainty in my work. As I do Reiki with clients, I often get impressions or feelings. If I didn’t have certainty that these impressions could be relevant to the session, I would very easily dismiss them as “just my imagination”. Recently, I was working on heart chakra energy with a client. As I worked, I suddenly had the impression of a bright, emerald green energy coming in. Green is a healing color and is relevant to the heart chakra. I told the client this emerald green came in and immediately, the Incredible Hulk flashed through my mind. Here’s where it’s important to be certain that I am receiving subtle insights, because it was funny and I may have decided not to say anything about that. But I asked the client if the Hulk meant anything to her, and it did in a very significant way! We uncovered a specific memory related to the healing work she came in to address. It is my firm belief that with energy work, the unconscious emotional baggage can anchor in the body and prevent full healing, but conscious awareness helps to release this baggage and facilitates healing. Mentioning the Hulk gave her that!

Here are some general questions to ask yourself:

What am I supposed to see, hear, or know?

Is what I see a vision or a fantasy?

(Visions cannot be altered, fantasies can.)

Who or what is sharing information with me?

Is this information about the present, the past or the future?

Is it a guarantee, a possibility, a probability, a have to do?

Is this about action to take, not take or something to avoid?

Is this information for me or someone else?

Should I be sharing the information or not?

What is the best way to communicate it?

Can I receive more information for clarity?

Is there hidden information that would be beneficial for me to know?

If so what is it?

What is the best way for me to respond to these insights?

What actions will bring the most healthy and benevolent outcome?

Healing questions to ask yourself:

What needs to be healed?

What issues are underlying the presenting problems?

What energies, guides, activities or other professionals can provide healing?

What is the best way to achieve a healed or higher state?

How much is this situation affected by others energies?

How much of this situation is influenced by entities or negative influences?

How can I best clear other’s energies, or entities and negative influences?

Are there cords, attachments or other types of energetic contracts involved?

What am I missing? What is this showing up to tell me?

Along with asking questions, setting intentions and repeating affirmations can also help with shifting to a more certain state of being. When you begin to see the power of your positive intention, through synchronicities, manifestations and expanded self-awareness, you’ll become certain with what you feel in any given moment.

Healing affirmations or intentions:

May the most benevolent outcome for my situation be made clear to me now.

May the most benevolent outcome to my situation be experienced by me now.

May I experience the healing that I desire.

May I allow myself to be willing to change for the better.

May I allow myself to see the truth of my situation through the eyes of Love (Spirit, God, Universal Life Force)

Shifting to a more self-aware, enlightened, and certain way of being just takes a little consistent practice. For more help developing a practice, connect with me and let's see if we can work together! Join my exclusive Facebook Group page Energy Healing Toolkit for more tips, to ask questions, and to share your experiences!

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