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How to be set free?

What if every feeling and thought that made you feel bad was a lie?

What if your true natural way of being was always to be at peace and to feel beloved and happy?

What if everything that prevented you from being in this natural state was just your imagination and it wasn't real...?

And the way that you could get rid of it would be knowing that what causes your suffering isn't real or true.

None of it.

If you believed that then whenever you started to feel a state of being that was less than joyful, was less than contented ,less than happy, less than peaceful... whenever you start to feel that you would know that somewhere in your thoughts there's a lie that you're telling yourself...

and then...

all you would have to do is stop and examine the lie and look under it for the truth.

You could say to yourself..."there's something I'm saying or thinking or doing that is not aligned with the truth of who I am and the reason I know is because I don't feel good. "

And then you could ask in that moment for clarity and an understanding

from The Eyes Of Love

The Eyes of Source

the Eyes of All That Is...

"what is it that I'm not seeing? what lie am I telling that's covering up my truth?"

And the truth would set you free.

I love you.

~The Healer

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