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wgg: Post 1 - Shedding the need for External Validation

As I dive deeply into my own pain and ask it what it is for, I've come to see the illusion created by thoughts, beliefs and emotions contained within the egoistic structure of my energy. I've become aware that I have the ability to choose what I think, believe and feel in every given moment. A cosmic understanding of myself leads me to know that I alone am responsible for my own energy and experiences. The only control I have lies within the deliberateness with which I choose my thoughts in the moment. Every negative emotional state carries within it an underlying truth. It is never about the situation or another person and always about me. This being so, I have only to ask and wait for the truth to be revealed. The truth will always bring with it a sense of peace and relief and calm. The truth will always be one of love and compassion and kindness for myself and others. So, if it's true that I alone am responsible for my own energy and experience, then nothing anyone else does can make me feel bad. If I'm triggered to a negative emotional state by someone or something, that is still just ego, showing me where I'm holding on to thoughts and feelings that don't serve me. When I feel the pain of this emotional state and without blaming the person or situation or myself, I can ask for clarity. "What is this really saying to me about myself? Oh, that I have a need for external validation and a feeling that I'm being rejected..."or whatever the case may be.

And then I can compare that to the truth..."I am capable of validating myself and I'm never being rejected. Those thoughts are creating feelings that are not serving me. What I really want to feel instead is love for myself, a deep awareness of my own worth, and a solid knowing that I cannot be rejected. So in this moment I can reach for thoughts to align with that."

And suddenly a sense of peace overcomes me. Suddenly a new awareness of the nature of the ego is made clear. Suddenly I can see that others are equally responsible for their own experiences, and whatever thoughts, beliefs and feelings they have that are causing their behavior really have NOTHING to do with me. They are where they are in the evolution of their self awareness. They are likely making choices based on old patterns of thought, emotional baggage and fears that are bound up in their ego. And so, if I can choose to acknowledge my pain, ask what it is there to show me, wait for the truth to be revealed, and become aware that it's not about them, them I can Let go of: The pain The fear The blame The shame Feelings of unworthiness Feelings of abandonment Feelings of rejection Feelings of sadness The need to be right and make them wrong The need to be forgiving

And when I do I can clearly see and feel: More love for myself and others More compassion for myself and others More kindness towards myself and others

And where I have released all judgement of myself and others!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Ready to shift into more PEACE, LOVE. COMPASSION, KINDNESS and Whole Life Wellness?

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