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Becoming Limitless

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

I began blogging about my journey to "feeling good" about 10 years ago. If you read this blog, you'll see a progression of my path.

According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book "Outliers" it takes 10,000 hours to have mastery in a given field of study. That's roughly 10 years...


Yup, I quietly, steadily and consistently studied and applied the concepts I'm sharing here for at least 10 years and I can authentically say (based on feedback and a compelling record of my own progress - not on my own presence with myself, because every day I'm just me and I'm still a work in progress and sometimes it's hard to see myself the way others do) that I have mastered a whole lot of this stuff.

One thing I know for sure, I feel for sure, and I experience for sure is the limitless nature of my own energy.


I heard Wayne Dyer speak. Maybe it was a culmination of lots of things that I attracted into my awareness, but Wayne Dyer was and still is one of the most influential people that I found along my journey. So if you don't already know him, and even if you do...I'll invite you to take 20 minutes to listen to him speak. Watch this YouTube video.

Becoming limitless...a "no limit" person - Video Highlights

Dr. Wayne Dyer

  • "Every (material) thing is the result of the way that we think..."

  • "Seeing yourself as love and only having that to give away"

  • Whatever is in you is what comes out when pressure is applied

  • How you feel is your choice

  • "You are not going to be healed if you are asking someone else to heal you."

  • "...belief is everything...when you believe that you can... that's when you can... unless you believe you can't..."

  • "Success is something that you bring to everything you do in life, it isn't something that you get out of what you do..."

  • Advance confidently, doing what makes the most amount of sense to you, based on your inner signals and the one issue of morality which is you never interfere with anybody else's right to do the same (each person has their own right to advance confidently in the direction of their own dream) and when you violate that you're violating the principal of the universe, the essence of the universe which is cooperation, and harmony, .... THEN, SUCCESS WILL BEGIN TO CHASE YOU... IT WILL ARRIVE IN YOUR LIFE IN AMOUNTS YOU NEVER DREAMT OF..."

  • synchronicity...

  • Live life on ethics, not rules...

  • "What you put out in the world is exactly what's coming back to you...when you start putting the responsibility on yourself, you'll start seeing dramatic changes."

  • "There's no stress in the universe, there's only people thinking stressful thoughts"

  • "If you have a goal and you understand that every step along the way is a moment to enjoy and to live then the goal won't become any don't have to get it all planned out and follow a certain pattern and do it a certain way if you just trust your inner instincts and go with that, live each moment, the goal stuff will all take care of itself. If you're sacrificing and pushing your life aside, and suffering on your way to trying to get someplace, you'll never get there, it will always illude you because once you get there you'll just have to upgrade it, because that's all you'll know..."

  • Personal authority...a person who has authority in themselves never needs to dominate someone else

  • "How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours"

  • Serenity instead of acquisitions ...the more you try to get and evaluate yourself on the basis of that, the less serenity you're going to have. More is less, it's almost a secret of the universe. Serenity means inner peace...find joy in every moment instead of looking for it, appreciate your surroundings, the people, even the difficult ones, and begin to have a new way of being with them, just sending them love. It's an attitude and attitude is everything.

  • Focus on Quality rather than appearance, Ethics rather than rules, Knowledge rather than achievement, being a Personal Authority on yourself rather than authoritarian and dominating, and to have Serenity rather than acquisitions...and one other ingredient, and it's really crucial... Forgiveness is the vital ingredient on the path to enlightenment, and if you don't know how to do it, then practice sending out love.

  • "There is no way to happiness. Happiness IS the way. "

"Don't just think about it. Be about it."

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