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How to Manifest - The Art of Allowing

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Transform bad relationships, physical, mental and emotional negativity, lack of confidence, lack of money and other common problems with the Art of Allowing - A DELIBERATE practice of the LAW of Attraction

Is there really a “secret” to manifesting and the law of attraction?

I don’t think it’s so much a secret as it is a notion of wisdom that seems too simple for most people to accept as anything that really works. But for the sake of argument, let’s call it a secret. And I’m going to let you in on it. This so called secret has a name, coined by Abraham Hicks, and I like to call it - The Art of ALLOWING

So what is the Art of Allowing?

There are other phrases used to describe it - the path of least resistance, the path of most allowance, swimming downstream, and so forth.

It’s an extremely simple concept to understand. The only thing in the way of the things, people, and experiences you want to have, that make you happy, that exemplify your fondest desires, is YOU. Get out of your own way.

Now if you can accept this concept as true, or at least suspend your disbelief long enough to practice, there are specific things one can do to learn the Art of Allowing and significantly change your life.

The Art of Allowing is the practice of getting out of your own way - ALLOWING the good you desire to show up in your life because you are a vibrational match to it - which is the Law of Attraction working for your good, deliberately.

Getting in “The ZONE”

We still haven’t really gotten to the core of this - but you’re still reading so hang on, you’re about to get schooled. As I have already said, the Art of Allowing is extremely simple. If you can remember nothing else about this practice, remember this one thing every day and everything will change.

The most important principle in the Art of Allowing:
Choose to Be Happy.

Be unconditionally happy, peaceful, positive, and loving. Let no CONDITION prevent you from choosing this FOR YOURSELF in any situation. Let no person, place, situation, circumstance, period, shake you from feeling GOOD - as good as you possibly can. When offered a choice, and we ALWAYS have a choice, between feeling angry, disappointed, sad, or any other “negative” emotion, do your best to reach for something that feels better to you.

I said simple. Not EASY.

This will take practice. The good news is, daily focus on this one thing for a month will bring about amazing changes in your life.

Practicing being unconditionally happy - what I like to call being in “the Zone” is the first and most important step in learning and mastering the Art of Allowing. Mastery of the Art of Allowing will put one into the state of WELL-BEING that is the natural state of the human condition where deliberate creation of one’s own existence is constant.

Getting into and staying in the Zone is a critical part of learning to consistently deliberately manifest desired or preferred experiences. It is impossible to consistently, deliberately manifest without this. IMPOSSIBLE! So if manifesting abundance, love, material possessions, *or anything else you want is your goal and you are not practicing this one way of being, well..., good luck. Sure, it's possible to get "rich" without being deliberate in this way, but there is a steep price called STRESS. This process is about becoming EFFORTLESS in creating preferred experiences.

(*Caution: Manifesting material possessions with this process may quickly become less important as you begin to practice and find out that beautiful experiences and relationships have more meaning for you.)

So, make your own happiness, peace of mind and well-being the most important thing in your life. Make it your intention to practice this way of being for the next 30 days. Anytime something happens to pull your focus from this one task, do whatever it takes to get your focus back on your own happiness.


It sounds selfish, I know. But if this one thing makes everything else in your life better, why not try it? Getting in the Zone is where the magic happens... where what we call “miracles” occur! And you can only be in the Zone if you feel good. We have all had those moments where unexpected blessings showed up, where something big happened that you were waiting for. It may have seemed accidental, but your energy had to have been in the right vibrational frequency at that moment for that thing to have occurred. You were in the Zone and didn’t know it. So get in there on purpose and see what happens!

At first, you have to stay GENERAL…

Again, this is so easy, because you don’t have to be happy about anything in particular for it to work!

In fact, it’s better if you practice being generally happy for a while. Do anything and everything that makes you feel good.

I’m not talking about unhealthy or destructive behaviors that feel “good” by the way - I’m pretty sure that goes without saying. That’s resistance at work, we’ll cover that later. What I am talking about is any general thing you like to do that relieves stress, makes you laugh, expresses creativity or playfulness. (A note on crying: there’s a difference between crying and wallowing in sadness and crying to release pent up emotion. One feels better. Choose wisely.) It doesn’t have to be related to solving a problem or changing a situation that feels bad. The important thing is to shift your focus from an negative thought or emotion quickly on to ANYTHING that feels better in general. Pay attention to how you feel. Practice feeling better all day long.

HAVE FUN! If it isn’t fun you’re not doing it.

TIP - Start early, first thing in the morning. Build your momentum of feeling good and watch how much easier it is to stay there when something “bad” happens.

Over time, you will be able to become more specific about the things you feel unconditionally happy about and create the vibration for those things to come into your experience if they are not there already.

At this point, it will be important for you to have spent some time contemplating what you really want in your life. What YOU REALLY want. Not what others think you should want or what you think you should want because of what others think. But that’s a whole other topic for another time.

The Art of Allowing really does work and it really does NOT get any simpler. So here’s where we make it difficult.

Resistance... or the Habit of Disallowing.

The quickest way to fall out of the Zone, or to block yourself from getting in there in the first place is your own resistance. Resistance shows up in the form of doubt, feelings of lack, negative emotions, pain and so forth. Resistance can be a very real physical problem stemming from emotional trauma, poor nutrition and body toxicity, victim mentality or other blocks created by beliefs.

Bad news. Resistance sucks. It feels bad.

Good news. With practice it can be overcome and it can become a tool that helps you notice when you are not in the Zone, drawing your attention to areas of your life that may need some work.

One of my favorite tools for overcoming resistance is the Emotion Code. This simple technique removes the energy of trapped emotions and over time can benefit the body, mind and spirit in many ways. Of course, there are many other tools and techniques so I will cover these later. But just know that the goal is to create a state of harmony between you and YOU - the real you who lives in the Zone and is waiting there for you with all the stuff you want to manifest.



My philosophy on this: You cannot give what you do not have. If I don’t have a dollar, how can I give you one? By the same token, if I don’t have unconditional love and happiness within myself, how can I possibly share it with anyone else? In this case it pays to be selfish and put yourself first!

Practicing the Art of Allowing

If one can practice and master the Art of Allowing...

  1. Feeling good unconditionally

  2. Releasing and appreciating resistance

  3. Acting on inspired thoughts and feelings

There truly is nothing else to do in manifesting.

That is why this is a secret. It’s kinda unbelievable. Some would argue that this practice leads to inspired action, and the action one takes leads to the manifestation. And sometimes that is true. But not always. Sometimes, just being as freaking happy as you possibly can for no good reason other than because you want to is the secret awesome sauce that makes your whole world amazing. But you don’t have to take my word for it...

Where to start?

There are numerous books by a plethora of authors who offer processes and steps to the Art of Allowing - some call it by a different name but it is all the same. I will share my favorites in future blog posts, but here are some steps that worked for me. It’s helpful to keep a journal so you can see your progress.

For the next 30 days get into the Zone by

  1. Caring about how you feel and choosing to feel good as often as possible

  2. Focusing on feelings of Love and Appreciation for the highest vibration

  3. Starting the momentum of feeling good (being in the Zone) early in the day, before getting out of bed if possible

  4. Sustaining the feeling for as long as possible - Milk it for all it’s worth

  5. Focusing on the desires of your heart

  6. Getting clear on what you really want

  7. Resting, relaxing and taking care of your body

  8. Avoid thinking and feeling about unwanted things

  9. Practice being unconditionally happy and loving

  10. Practice knowing with certainty the truth of who you are as a deliberate creator and extension of Source Energy, Universal Life Force or God.

  11. Let it be fun and easy. If it’s effort you're not doing it.

  12. Understand and appreciate your resistance

  13. Check out material by Abraham Hicks on YouTube and or their many books.

"Don't just think about it. Be about it."

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