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Is it possible to heal the collective reality of racism?

I've had a few people ask me my thoughts on what it will take to heal racial conflict so I will share my thoughts.

What is it gonna take to heal the collective trauma of racism?

I appreciate what I'm seeing taking place already. My "white" friends and strangers alike are taking a stand and sharing statements of what they believe about love, equality, and compassion. I think this is a wonderful first step. It must continue.

It's like the 100th monkey phenomenon.

When enough people truly believe in the equality of all human beings regardless of skin color, culture, gender, orientation, religion, etc, the balance will shift and the belief in separation, the fear, and hatred born of the belief in inequality will eventually diminish and hopefully disappear.

There is an inner shift each individual must make. We all have to examine our internal dialogue about race regardless of what racial identity we hold.

People of color need to heal the core wounds of rage, and broken-heartedness of loss. We need time to be cleansed of the taint of self-hatred, hatred for the oppressors of old and hatred for those who continue to racially profile and murder our family members, friends, and strangers because they have brown skin. There must be a purging of the fear of harm and the defensiveness born of being truly victimized time and again. There must be a release of the false belief that skin color is a limitation, something to be ashamed of. The depth of pain and rage will not heal overnight. It may take generations to heal from the atrocities still being enacted upon us. It's time now to start that process, but it won't be effective without white people stepping up and saying no more will I stand by and listen to my friends, family or colleagues bash others, make racist comments or engage in hate crimes.

My honest belief is that people of color and our white compatriots have beat this drum long enough without really being heard. It's no longer about doing anything to make someone else change their mind, actions, or attitude. It's about BECOMING the change we wish to see in the world.

White people need to own the tyranny of their ancestors and forgive themselves for living in denial of the privilege born of the centuries of oppression.

How do you do that? By doing what I see many people doing already. Using their platforms to state their own truth and belief in the equality of all people... Loudly, clearly, and in no uncertain terms. There is power in words and expression of authentic truth. The truth that we are all one may have been underappreciated, taken for granted, or dismissed in the past. It should be obvious this is correct but for many people, it's not.

Examining your beliefs and expressing what you feel on this topic is the only way the energy can change.

Do not argue with anyone else about what they believe. You won't change anything that way. Just dive deeper into yourself and ask to see your own inner dialogue. Question your actions, your fears. If you've never said to others in no uncertain terms what you believe, why? As you begin to unpack and evaluate your own thoughts and feelings, some ugliness and falsity may be revealed and this my friend is your work to heal.

The ego will fight to hold on to the mental constructs that have held racism in place. Everyone has these constructs regardless of color or culture. They're embedded in our politics, our narratives on the survival of the fittest, our media, movies, and overall culture. Things that seem true through the eyes of the ego, the pain body, and collective conditioning will be revealed as faulty when looked at through the eyes of Love. Do not point the finger at anyone else until you have done this inner work.

And then, start or continue to speak your truth. Again, this part is very important. Do not argue with anyone, try to persuade them or point out how wrong they may be. Don't hold back your words out of fear of saying something wrong, but be willing to be wrong and be corrected. Let love and light and oneness illuminate the truth and land where they may.

Each one of us, pulling on the same rope of truth in the same direction will make this proverbial mountain move.

It takes courage to be honest about this. Some of what will surface from the willingness to go deep and express what we are really thinking will be utter bullshit. There may be feelings of guilt or shame and denial of your part in the perpetuation of racial inequity. Own it. Forgive it. Love yourself for it and let it go.

It's been a long time coming, but I know...a change 'gon come.

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