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How do Emotions effect your Health?

It’s my belief that healing and harmonizing the emotions is a key to holistic wellness - that is, well-being in all areas of life, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in relationships, and finances!

But you don’t gotta take my word for it...

If you’re asking this question, here is a list of resources related to how the emotions effect the body. I encourage everyone to look into this for themselves, especially if you are called to help others in a heart centered business or healing profession.


The Heart

The Body

Books (Click to view on

Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Deb Shapiro Your Body Speaks Your Mind

To learn how to implement tools for healing your emotions, schedule a free discovery session with me today. In this session, I will help you discover your underlying energetic and emotional issues and offer suggestions on ways to overcome them!

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