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What is "Clarity Coaching"?

You are changing. You're growing. You're having new thoughts...strange new awareness and mystical new experiences... And you have NO ONE TO TALK TO. Maybe there's nobody in your life who really gets what's up with you. Maybe the desire to be true to yourself in a new way is being met with resistance by those closest to you. Maybe you've always been a little "different", spiritually, consciously and now you're ready to show up in your own live as the most AUTHENTIC version of you... and you want a little help. You need someone to understand, to be non-judgmental, to listen. I'm here to tell you...I GET IT. You want and need to balance these heightened new frequencies with everyday life...and it's not easy. You're becoming someone who simply cannot remain trapped in the life you have created up until now. You're ready to be at peace with letting go of the old situations AND people who don't align with the direction your life, your spirit and your soul are now pulling you. There is help. Who am I I'm Crystal and I have been there. I'm on an amazing journey of Self-love, Self-awareness and Self-healing that has opened up a whole new paradigm of existence for me. I've had incredible, mystical experiences, massive visceral shifts in my energy, heightened new awareness of enlightened thoughts, and a deep, abiding embodiment of Infinite Love that through my unique style of life coaching, I'm more than willing to share the tools, techniques and training that have helped me get here. I've learned how to be in harmony with the esoteric nature of spiritual growth and the practical nature of being human at this time of evolution, enlightenment and energy shifts on the planet! And you're being called to do the same. You have a light to bring, a unique and authentic voice that is burgeoning, and MAYBE you need someone to hold your hand, provide deep listening, and give you a safe place to explore WHO YOU REALLY ARE. If this sounds like you, then Beloved, I can help.

I've discovered some simple, tried-and-true techniques and a proven effective framework for helping my clients gain CLARITY of purpose and CLEAR blockages to make major life changes in as little as 3 months. This combination of tools - all found in the Healer's Toolkit Membership Portal -will help anyone create lasting change as long as they are willing to commit to the process and do the work. Are you ready to take the next step and begin your healing journey with Clarity, Proven Tools, A Compelling Tracking System and Accountability Partners? Click the link below for a Clarity Coaching session today. Clarity Coaching sessions are available online, from virtually any place in the world, as long as you have a good internet connection and video. Schedule now! What my clients say:

I started having sessions with Crystal because I had multiple physical issues that were troublesome. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, yet many people had recommended for me to go see her. My first visit was an extensive assessment with a high tech body scan which identified the blockages in my body. Crystal, without even knowing my issues, knew what needed to be cleared. Through many healing techniques, I began the awareness of the foundation of my physical ailments. This started the emotional release of my untrue thoughts about myself. I began feeling better after our first session, and continue to have deep healing in ways that are inexpressible. Crystal is a very gentle, compassionate, and has unconditional love for me. Crystal, I am so extremely grateful you are in my life, and assisting me to live my life to its absolute fullest. Namaste!

S.L., Richland, WA

"My life has completely changed since doing this program with you, Crystal. I didn't want to commit to weekly sessions at first, but I am so glad I did! This gave me the clarity to go ahead and start my new business which has already paid me more money than I thought I could earn in such a short time! Thank you, Crystal!"

P.R. - West Richland, WA

"Working with you is changing my life for the better! I can really see how my thinking was preventing me from moving forward. I'm excited for what's next!"

T.S. - Richland. WA

"Crystal is a true healer! I am a massage therapist and fellow Reiki practitioner and thought I knew the power of energy healing until I met Crystal. She has changed my understanding of the healing potential. Thank you Crystal!!

S.C. Kennewick, WA

(Crystal) is the best. My healing journey wasn’t complete until I started working with her. She has helped me turn my life around. I was at a low point dragging myself through life with autoimmune disease. I now have more energy and am healthier.

T.B. Yakima, WA

I have been doing emotion code with Crystal for about a month and it is very effective I just realized I don't get migraines anymore or anxiety or stinking thinking I am becoming a much kinder and genuine person. I have released so many trapped emotions and heart walls and the best part is that it releases generational baggage that was passed down to me and that I have passed down to my kids as well so I'm not only healing myself but it's having a ripple effect on my family that is a true blessing in it self. I am truly greatful for Crystal and the healing I'm recieving through emotion code. I highly recommend it. It is free highly effective and it will change your life. BESSINGS❤️

M.F. Kennewick, WA

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