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Presence Practice Challenge Day 4

Day 4 Presence Practice Presence = Letting go 

As I awoke to another day and focused my awareness into presence, I noticed a feeling of emptiness. A question came to mind... what is my PURPOSE? Oh no...what IS my purpose?? What is the purpose of a daily challenge? Why share my process with others? How will it benefit anyone? How will it benefit me? A momentary feeling of panic arose as these thoughts revealed the fear residing within them. Gently, my highest self, my Healer, said: "Let go." I breathed into this notion..."Presence requires no purpose. It is in letting go of every thought and simply allowing the infinite potential of the present moment to be revealed that you can experience and project Presence. It is simply a process of mastery of the power of NOW. " "Everything you think you need to BE, DO and EXPRESS, every plan you think you have to create and enact, every bit of pressure you feel to succeed, to earn, to grow ... every thought that you must have a PURPOSE is nullified by simple presence. Let it all go and just be. PRESENCE knows where to take you next. PRESENCE does not need your help to guide you. PRESENCE is a soft place, a place of peace and a place of power at the same time. If you can just trust in PRESENCE, the energy of infinite potential will carry you to the exact experiences your soul intends for you. Trust. Let go. Just Be." A warm feeling of relief bubbled up within my heart space and slowly spread through my chest. I paused to let the feeling sink in, I breathed into the peace. I don't need to have a purpose when I follow the inspiration that arises when I practice PRESENCE. The resistance I feel to this notion is my ego holding on to all the "Hard Work" she has done to get "Here" and the idea that she has to keep working hard because she hasn't arrived at the place she thought she was she was supposed to be by now. I am willing to allow the practice of PRESENCE to replace "grinding" and simply respond to life from a place of peace, love, compassion, kindness. I'm willing to invite Joy into the stillness and abide there. I am willing to let go, listen be inspired and GO WITH THE FLOW! 

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