4 Simple Steps to Relationship Peace

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

We all have that moment when we interact with someone close to us and we are triggered to feel frustration, anger, bitterness or disappointment. UGH!

Relationships are a great place to experience the full range of emotions, right?

And while that's not always a bad thing, it would be nice to deliberately create more harmony and peace in relationships - especially with those closest to us. It takes some practice and self-mastery to shift into a new feeling when things are stressful, but it is possible.

Here's a suggestion for how to practice being at peace with people in your life, and consequently, developing a more peaceful existence within yourself and outside yourself. (In this scenario, I'm talking about loved ones, not strangers.)

The next time you notice thoughts or feelings of irritation about someone close to you, take a moment to breathe and ask yourself ...

1. "Why am I truly irritated with this person?" If