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I decided to feel good

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Feeling good. This is one of the most important things in life. The decision to feel good is a choice we make every moment of every day whether we realize it or not. It is a basic desire of every person on the planet to feel good. Unfortunately, more often than not, we make decisions that also limit and prohibit our ability to feel good.

I am on a personal quest to make choices in my life that lead me to a perpetual state of feeling good - body, mind and spirit.

I'll share my findings here in this blog as I explore the things, concepts and ways of being that make me feel good...hopefully some will make you feel good too!

UPDATE: Sept 20, 2018 This was my very first ever blog post, written almost 10 years ago on my first blog entitled Beautiful Healthy Body and Soul. As I create this new blog and rediscover myself through my writing, I know a common theme - the truth of who I am and have always been - will emerge with more clarity than ever before. This is an experiment of passenger consciousness revealed. I hope you enjoy following my journey as much as I will!


"Don't just think about it. Be about it."

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