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Practical Magic

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Haha, we're not talking about that kind of magic! (Toilet paper, anyone?)

I often look at my tools for self healing and self mastery as a form of Practical Magic.

They're practical in the sense that of course these things take practice... consistent implementation. The magic happens often unexpectedly, with the changing of habits.

But they're also practical in the sense of being functional in a sensible and realistic way. The clarity that comes on the heels of such inner workings leads to way less stress, confusion and suffering. It's a magical path to peace that just makes sense.

What Practical Magic do you employ in your life?

Human Design is one tool that has seriously been a game changer for me. I understand myself in a way I never could have before. I have a strategy for showing up each day as myself and I now know how to hear the voice of my inner authority for decision making with more clarity than ever.

Its one of the things I love sharing about the most, because I can see the impact it has on people, including myself!

If you're interested in learning more about this system for self awareness, join me for a six week program where I cover the foundational concepts.

Human Design doesn't require a belief in anything. It's simply a system that offers a practical way to experiment with a strategy for living in alignment with ones self. And the results can be quite magical...!

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